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There’s tension at the heart of Tiga’s musical soul. On the one hand he’s the underground techno don, the producer who made ‘Mind Dimension’ (2008) on the other, there’s the pop sensibility that led him to record electro versions of Corey Hart’s 1984 hit ‘Sunglasses At Night’ (2001) and Nelly’s ‘Hot In Herre’ (2003). It’s this duality that makes him one of electronic music’s most engaging characters. He’s about as far away from your faceless techno DJ from central casting as it’s possible to get. 

Tiga has played a huge part in defining the dance music landscape. He had been DJing for a decade when he released his ‘American Gigolo’ mix on Turbo, which chimed with the emerging electroclash scene. It also featured ‘Sunglasses At Night’, which became one of electroclash’s defining moments.

Electroclash was seen by electronic music’s custodians as trashy, something that wouldn’t last, In fact, many of electroclash’s key figures went on to dominate dance music over the following decade, none more so than Tiga. His debut album, ‘Sexor’, was released in 2006, followed by ‘Ciao’ in 2009. Then there are the singles such as ‘Mind Dimension’, ‘The Worm’, ‘Vulkan Alarm!’ and ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ and ‘Fever’ with Audion. Together they add up to one of the most impressive catalogues of any electronic producer.

His new album, ‘No Fantasy Required’, is a case in point. It neatly balances the two sides of his character. This is the kind of dance music that works as well driving around on a sunny day as it does at 4AM on a darkened dancefloor.

“The new album is definitely a little less clubby than the stuff I’ve made recently,” he says. “The thing I feel good about now, and I can hear on the album, is that I feel more honest, open and playful. I think those things were more prominent at the start of my career, and it’s good to see them back.”

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