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Everything Everything

UMPG represent Everything Everything for the albums ‘Man Alive' and 'Arc'.

Everything Everything shook up British guitar music and snagged a Mercury nomination for debut album ‘Man Alive’, and continue to put all of themselves into their music; taking inspiration wherever they find it. 

The summer 2011 riots, as viewed from a Salford vantage point, were inspiration for second album 'Arc', as was the band’s frontman reading up on futurology. Different environments, whether a remote Cumbrian shed or a windy inner-city arena, fed into the process. The album was produced by David Kosten, who also produced their debut.

“The [second] album in general we wanted to be far less uptight and less controlled-sounding than ‘Man Alive’,” says Pritchard. ‘Arc’ features ‘The House Is Dust’, a minimal, late-night, drone-ballad with a mellifluous, haunting, high-register vocal from Higgs and an extended, smoky piano fade out. And the broad church that is ‘Arc’ can also accommodate a song like ‘Radiant’ - echoey, pounding, spacious, we might call it stadium artrock.  ‘Kemosabe’, the second single from Arc, retains the digi-Timbaland groove that marked out some of their debut's best moments, but adds buzzsaw riffs and a sunshine chorus. ‘Armourland’ was inspired by urban riots, and the crash of glass and stomp of underclass anger also fed into ‘Duet’.

“On Arc,” concludes the frontman, “it’s more a case of: this is who we are. We’re not dressing up as pirates. Here we are, in jumpers. Trying to just keep it real. In the most un-hip hop sense…”

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