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Black Kids

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, the Black Kids consist of Reggie Youngblood on guitar and lead vocals, Ali Youngblood and Dawn Watley on keyboards and backing vocals, Owen Holmes on bass, and Kevin Snow on drums. Brother and sister Reggie and Ali met the other three members of the group while attending the same Sunday-school classes as kids (Reggie points out that in the often conservative South, Sunday school is a great place to socialise with the opposite sex), and in 2006 they got together to form a band.

Combining bouncy 60s-style pop, 80s new wave atmospherics, and upbeat dance grooves with a playful, organic spirit, the Black Kids had earned a loyal local following when they posted their four-song EP, ‘Wizard of Ahhhs’, on their MySpace page in August 2007. The witty, hook-laden tunes impressed music fans in Florida and Georgia who had seen the Black Kids' live shows (in particular a fabled appearance at the 2007 Popfest in Athens, Georgia), and several bloggers began writing up the band. Word spread like wildfire across the Internet, and ‘I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You and ‘Hurricane Jane’ were being hailed as potential hit singles. After Vice magazine, New Musical Express, and Pitchfork Media began talking up the band, the Black Kids' appearances at the CMJ Music Marathon in October 2007 found them turning away hundreds of curious music fans and winning rapturous notices in the music press.

Not long after the CMJ appearances were booked to play their first tour of England and they recorded their debut album, ‘Partie Traumatic’, produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler. The album was officially released in July of 2008. A confluence of side projects, relocations, and personal strife resulted in nearly a decade of inactivity from the Black Kids, but in 2017 they returned with their sophomore studio long-player, Rookie, which featured the infectious single ‘Obligatory Drugs’.

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Obligatory drugs