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The Pigeon Detectives

UMP represent The Pigeon Detectives for the albums ‘Wait for Me’, ‘Emergency’ and ‘Up, Guards and At ‘Em!’

In late 2008, with two Top 5 albums and five Top 40 singles tucked under their arms, having recorded their first two albums ‘Wait For Me’ (2007) and ‘Emergency’ (2008) , The Pigeon Detectives returned to their native Yorkshire to regroup and start work on the next chapter.

Their third album ‘Up, Guards and at ‘Em!’ marked the start of an entire new phase of creativity for the Yorkshire five-piece. For recording, the band decamped to New York City spending two months laying down the lion’s share of the album with producer Justin Gerrish - who’s last major job was helping to mix Vampire Weekend’s massively successful ‘Contra’.

It only takes as long as those opening three and a half minutes of ‘She Wants Me’to realise that the raggedly charming indie rock band we once knew have developed into something far slicker and sexier. It’s a new streak of invention that’s maintained throughout the album; from the intricate guitar interplay on ‘Through The Door’ though to woozy organ parts with juddering breakbeat on ‘I Don’t Know You’. The bands sound continued to develop on their 2013 album 'We Met At Sea'. But for all the changes and improvements, The Pigeon Detectives have retained the same heart and soul that made us love them in the first place. They still want to write songs that connect with the lives of their fans, and they still want to continue giving 200% when it comes to playing live.