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Public Access TV

"It wasn't like 'let's start a band,'" says Public Access T.V.’s 24-year-old singer and main songwriter John Eatherly. "We were already playing music and hanging out together all the time. We were all doing different things, playing as hired guns for anybody just to pay the rent, and then one day I came in with these songs I wrote and we all just knew this was something we wanted to do for real."

After uploading only one song, NME declared, “Meet New York City’s hottest new band.” The group played their first live show at the legendary East Village bar Niagara, to a packed crowd. Before anyone could pin them down they headed to England to hone their sound out on the road.  Better still, they toured under the fake band name “The iLL Herbs.”  Regardless of the name, the tour was a smashing success, culminating in their performance at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

What followed was a whirlwind of activity. The band hit the studio to get some new songs down, and then went right back out on the road, sharing stages with Weezer, Wavves, and Gang of Four.  They released singles ‘Monaco’ and ‘In the Mirror’, and the EP ‘Public Access’. 

In autumn 2015 the group released their double A-side single ‘In Love and Alone’ / ‘Patti Peru’ to critical acclaim.  Zane Lowe debuted ‘In Love and Alone’ on Apple’s Beats 1 and exclaimed, “We love Public Access T.V.” before giving the track his signature stamp of approval by playing it twice in a row. 

Before the end of the year the band signed to NYC label Cinematic Music Group and finished recording their debut album, before heading back on tour again, the band hit the road again for a second tour with their friends Hinds.  

On September 30, 2016, Public Access T.V.’s debut album ‘Never Enough’ was released on Cinematic to critical acclaim.  

“I’ve been doing music full time since I was 16 playing for other people,” says Eatherly. “This is the album I’ve been working on my whole life to write, record, and release. To get to do it with my best friends and people that I trust means everything. If this record could have the impact on a kid out there that some classic records had on me, nothing would make me more psyched.” 

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'Patti Peru'