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Wow & Flutter

Wow & Flutter Music Publishing is a boutique publishing company, with a focus on giving writers the chance to develop their careers in a supportive and personal environment. They believe in transparency for writers and generating real earned income, to support all aspects of writer/artist lives. They’re continually looking ahead to new ways of working and sustaining a writer’s career.

Wow & Flutter Music Publishing is a joint venture with Universal Publishing. They have complete control over the creative vision and rights ownership; whilst also benefiting from the rock solid, global administrative backing of Universal and the privilege of working alongside top creative Sync and A&R departments worldwide. Becca Gatrell’s Film and TV experience gives Wow & Flutter a unique advantage to maximise the possibilities from sync activity, both creatively and financially.

Becca Gatrell founded Wow & Flutter Music in 2017 and is a highly-experienced executive in the worlds of both music publishing and film music. As Head of Film & Television at Universal Music Publishing she built up a great reputation across the industry for her meticulous yet creative approach with writers and their involvement in synchronisation. Her vision for this area and how it could grow changed the shape of the department and set the industry tone for how proactive and dynamic this area could, and, should be. She was a key figure in the publishing company, involved in global strategic decisions concerning the marketing and acquisition of music. During her 7 years at Universal she worked directly with some of the world’s biggest artists/catalogues including Adele, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Paul Weller, Elton John, Irving Berlin, The Clash and cutting-edge musical innovators like The xx and James Blake.

Prior to her position at Universal Publishing Becca spent 7 years as a Film Music Supervisor at HotHouse Music, joining the company at its inception. She was a key member of Howard Shore’s music team on all three Lord of the Rings films, music supervisor on several feature films working with directors such as Danny Boyle and Oliver Stone, as well as overseeing scoring sessions for some of the world’s most respected composers including Hans Zimmer, Stephen Warbeck, James Newton-Howard and Harry Gregson-Williams. She has a very sound knowledge of both the film scoring process and the selection and licensing of songs for film. The highlight of Becca’s time at HotHouse was her role as Music Supervisor for Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Children of Men’.

Becca started her music career as a tape-op in George Martin’s Air and Air-Edel Studios, following her graduation from the prestigious Tonmeister course where she achieved a 1st Class Honours. Her understanding of the detail and complexity of the recording process and studio dynamic has always been respected by writers, artists and composers alike.

Wow & Flutter's roster includes Karl ZineTommy AshbyRINNGS and Matt Robertson.

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