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Benjamin Garrett, aka Fryars, has always bucked trends. His startling second album 'Power' was always more than just a labour of love; a journey of the imagination built around a story that spans three continents and deals with all the deliciousness of life; love, greed, loss and death.

Fryars has been making music since his early teens. Starting off as drummer in a school band, he quickly moved onto creating his own songs in his bedroom. “They were kind of like hip-hop instrumentals and from that I started programming more,” he remembers. Soon he developed a sort of DIY studio, complete with intricate recording techniques that belied the fact he was 14-years-old. “It was a lot of singing into the radio and then doubletracking things somehow. At 15 is when I started doing the songs. It was all mouse programming so I wasn’t playing anything – I was putting in notes with the dot of a mouse.”

This desire to learn and experiment is what defined the wildly ambitious scope of his early EPs and 'Dark Young Hearts' LP, and what has led to the perfect streamlining of those desires on the textured symphonies that make up ‘Power’, released in November 2014. It isn't just his way with musical arrangements that has caught people’s attention, however, it's also his ability to conjure up fantasy worlds with his lyrics. For Fryars, words are a vital part of the process, even if he’s aware that he might be the only person who knows what they all mean.

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'Can't Stop Loving You'
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