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Thin Lizzy

UMPG represent Thin Lizzy's catalogue and Phil Lynott’s solo albums.

One of the defining rock groups of the 20th Century, Thin Lizzy began life in Dublin in 1969, formed around the nucleus of Phil Lynott and Brian Downey.

Signing to Decca Records, their first album 'Thin Lizzy' was released in 1971, followed by 'Shades of a Blue Orphanage' . Although neither album charted, they began to build a strong underground following. After their initial success with single ‘Whisky in The Jar’ - which topped the Irish charts for 17 weeks and reached No. 6 in the UK - Eric Bell left the band.

Their third album 'Vagabonds of the Western World' was released in 1973. Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson joined in 1974 to create the classic Thin Lizzy line-up. The band released two more albums ‘Nightlife’, then 'Fighting' before their hard work was finally rewarded with the success of breakthrough album 'Jailbreak' (1976) and the single 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. Both were massive international hits with the single hitting number 8 in the UK charts. Riding this wave, their next album 'Johnny the Fox' (1976) went Gold confirming their status, and the single 'Don't Believe a Word' reached number 12 in the UK charts. 'Bad Reputation' (1977) stormed to number 4 in the UK, cementing the band's position as one of the most successful rock bands of the time. The following year they released ‘Live & Dangerous’ - an album many  consider to be the greatest live record of all time. It was a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

When Robertson finally left the band Lynott, Gorham and Downey played with a succession of amazing guitarists including Gary Moore, Snowy White and John Sykes.