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Mick Jones (formerly of The Clash) and Tony James (formerly Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik) formed Carbon/Silicon in March 2002, with their first release ‘M.P.Free’ celebrating the internet as the saviour of creativity. Later in the year, after producing the Libertines album, Mick began writing more songs, with a heavy use of rock samples and dance beats combined.

Soon they were touring clubs all over the UK – encouraging their fans to film and share the shows. By August they had gathered a widespread internet fan base, despite having no conventional media coverage or record company. By the end of 2005 they had a 12-track album ‘A.T.O.M’ ready to go, released as a free MP3 for fans.

In April 2007 they started preparing tracks for a commercial release on their own label and their debut CD release ‘The News’ EP came out in June 2007, followed by more live shows. This was followed by their debut CD album ‘The Last Post’ in October 2007.

2009 saw the band starting work on their second studio album, plus recording a special song ‘Mr ExtraOrdinary’ about Howard Marks for inclusion in the film about his life ‘Mr Nice’. At the end of the year they released ‘The Carbon Bubble’ as a free twelve track studio album.

The future? Carbon Silicon will continue to write, record and release new songs for free through their website as well via iTunes and ‘conventional’ media like CDs - believing that the two worlds will co-exist happily and art will prosper in the New Counter Culture.

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'Big Surprise'
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