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The The

UMP represent The The for the classic albums 'Soul Mining' and 'Infected'.

The The songs are not so much timeless, as time-full; packed with an awareness of precious moments, vanishing hopes, urgent social pressures, fervent memories, so that they might better be thought of as melodic time- bombs, primed to go off in any century.

At 17 Matt Johnson formed The The by placing a classified advert in the NME. Within 3 years they had released one of the defining albums of the 80s. ’This Is The Day’ and ‘Uncertain Smile’ were the enduring  pop hits but ‘Giant’ is the album’s percussive cornerstone.

A further three years along saw the mammoth multi-media ‘Infected’ project, which led to The The breaking through commercially, despite radio bans on the political singles ‘Sweet Bird Of Truth’ and ‘Heartland’.

The glaring, jarring wonder of Johnson’s catalogue is the fundamental underlying assumption that songs matter, music matters, lyrics matter, and they should be firmly built upon urgent truth, with truth on top. Everything sounds like it had to be made. It is music of long shadows, high hopes, channelled anger, feverish passions and sweetly disturbing poignancy. It is pop and rock, blues and folk, soul and polemic. It spans alienated electronics to twisted cinematic soundtracks, guitar tumbling swing to crimson ballads, rants and prayers to diaries and hymns.

Earlier in June 2014 Sony released of a remastered, re-packaged and expanded version of the classic LP 'Soul Mining'.

Remastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original master tapes by Matt Johnson and packaged in a lavish 12” box, this vinyl only release includes an authentic reproduction of the 1983 release on 180g vinyl, plus an extra 12” gatefold vinyl of alternative versions and remixes.