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In 2008 Robyn was riding high after top ten hits with bittersweet, orchestral-pop hit ‘Be Mine’ and anthemic dance ballad ‘With Every Heartbeat’. The latter song went to No. 1 in the UK, shortly after the album 'Robyn' was nominated for a Grammy. Not only did these feats provide a brilliant backdrop to the platinum selling album from which they sprang, but the success of 'Robyn' was the high point of a comeback which saw the one-time teen popstar reinventing her career on her own terms. 

2011 saw the singer release a triple album in three installments the ‘Body Talk’ trilogy, which received three Grammy nominations. 'Body Talk Pt 1' picked up where Robyn left off, with the emphasis on those sweeping, emotional dance tracks and the biting, quirky rap-pop with which she made her name. The album’s title reflects the singer’s love of dance culture, having spent three years promoting her last album in clubs across the world. It also reflects her personal intrigue with the disconnect between what your body does and what your mind wants. 

The rowdily cute ‘Fembot’ sees Robyn projected as a cartoon character, one who raps that “Fembots have feelings too”. ‘Dancing On My Own’ brings a lump to your throat, and the natural successor to ‘With Every Heartbeat’. Robyn also hooked up with Diplo for the track ‘Dancehall Queen’, her semi-satirical homage to European mid-90s chart rave and rap acts such as Dr Alban and Technotronic. Summer 2012 saw Robyn touring with Coldplay for all size dates of their UK stadium tour.

In 2014 Robyn announced the collaborative mini-album with Röyksopp - ”Do It Again”. The mini-album release was followed by a headline tour together with the Norwegian duo including stops at Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles, US) and  Sónar Festival (Barcelona, Spain).

The Billboard #1 EP ”Love Is Free" was released in 2015 by Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – comprised of Robyn, fellow UMPG writer Markus Jägerstedt and the late Christian Falk.

During the summer of 2016 two remixes of Robyn’s key track was released each week. Later in 2016 she teamed up with Swedish house maestro Mr. Tophat and released ”Trust Me”. ”Trust Me” EP is set to release on January 13th 2017. 

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