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Luke Bingham

British pop has found a new voice. Luke Bingham is a gifted singer, a prodigious songwriter, a hypnotic mover and proof positive that the best things come to those who refuse to live their lives at anything less than full throttle.

Things started to move for Luke when a producer sent him a track that needed song writing over the top of it. "I listened to it," Luke recalls, "and as soon as I heard it I knew it was a hit. It had been a long time since I'd heard a beat like that.. I said, 'this is the one'." I wrote to it." The song he wrote, 'Nothing To Lose', summed up everything he felt. After that, things started to happen very quickly – with the track played on Radio 1, the station selected Luke for its BBC Introducing playlist, and influential label 3Beat got in touch.

Bingham's songs show a true flair - from the commercial sheen of the synth-heavy 'Nothing To Lose' to the popping drum claps of summer-anthem-in-waiting 'Diamond Girl'. 'Can't Move On' strips everything back to simple acoustic guitar and Bingham's soulful croon, while the excellent 'Better For You' utilizes a fragile falsetto over plaintive piano and fizzing beats to produce kind of R&B slow jam it seems a lot of people have forgotten how to make.

2012 was a big year for Luke, as he teamed up with Matrix & Futurebound on their single 'All I Know' - with the track receiving heavy support from Annie Mac and Zane Lowe ahead of its June release on 3 Beat Records.

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