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Nicky Chinn

As half of the incredibly successful Chinnichap team, along with Mike Chapman - Nicky Chinn wrote some of the biggest pop and glam rock hits of the 70’s. 

Nicky and Mike were behind a string of million selling hits for the band Sweet – including  ‘Ballroom Blitz’, ‘Teenage Rampage’, and ‘Little Willy’. They went on to have equal success with Suzi Quatro –for whom they wrote chart smashes including  ‘Can The Can’ ’48 Crash’ and Devil Gate Drive’.  Further success came in the form of hits for Mud (‘Tiger feet’, Lonely This Christmas’) and Smokie (‘Living Next Door To Alice’). 

In one week 1974, the top three singles in the UK Charts were all Chinnichap songs – representing  nearly a quarter of all singles sold in Britain that week. Mud - ‘Tiger Feet’ was No. 1, Sweet -  ‘Teenage Rampage’ was No. 2 and Suzi Quatro - ‘Devil Gate Drive’ was No. 3. That year they also scored the Christmas No. 1 with Mud’s million selling ‘Lonely This Christmas.’

In 1978 the two scored their first No. 1 in the United States with Exile – ‘Kiss You All Over’. In 1982 ‘Mickey’ by Toni Basil gave the two their second US No. 1.  In in the mid 1980s they had top ten hits with Tina Turner's ‘Better Be Good To Me’ and Huey Lewis's ‘Heart and Soul’. This songwriting partnership made Nicky Chinn co-writer of over 40 Top 40 hits.  The pair received 3 Ivor Novello Awards – including the Jimmy Kennedy award for outstanding career achievement in 1997.

The partnership disbanded in 1983. After a break from songwriting, Nicky began writing again, and has more recently written for artists including Selena Gomez, Westlife and Donny and Marie Osmond. 

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Sweet - 'Ballroom Blitz'