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Anna Of The North

On the release of her otherworldly dreampop debut, 2017’s ‘Lovers’, Anna’s tender phrasing and tough lyrical storytelling had pricked all the right ears, building her a devoted fanbase, falling feet-first into the cushion of her singular vision.

Anna Lotterud was born in the tiny Norwegian hamlet of Gjøvik, a close neighbour of Lillehammer. Settled with a boyfriend, she was working in a shop when one of her more persistent customers suggested travel may break something of the ennui and enliven the creativity in a homespun young woman with charisma to spare. Taking her at her word, she travelled halfway around the globe and enrolled on a graphic design course in Melbourne, all the time harbouring musical ambitions.Slowly, pleasingly, they unravelled into the sumptuous mood music, defined geographically and of title as Anna of the North.

Whilst Anna has spent much time following the release of her debut album working out what comes next, ‘Lovers’ was busy taking on an unexpected life of its own. These songs of heartache, guilt and the tentative joys of moving on have united a rich global audience in their intimate shared experiences. Few modern artists, too, could appear as at home working with Tyler, the Creator (Anna lent her vocals to two tracks on ‘Flower Boy’) and Rejjie Snow as they are duetting with HONNE or landing a viral remix by The Chainsmokers. The record’s word-of-mouth success culminated in the title track taking off via a surprise sync in Netflix’s seminal smash hit ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’: ‘Lovers’ is still streaming over 100K times per day,months later, and made the top 100 charts in 171 countries. It’s a modern-day slow-burn fitting for songs to fall in love to, and an artist even more people, you sense, are about to fall in love with.

In 2019, Anna released singles 'Leaning On Myself' and 'Used To Be'. 

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'Used To Be'