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Marcin Kindla

Marcin is a songwriter and producer. He has been involved with music since the latter half of the nineties. In the early days, he worked mainly as a session bass player and took part in numerous projects. In 1998 he started working with a famous Polish pop artist called Stachursky, with whom he played hundreds of concerts. At that time, Marcin began to compose and write lyrics, and his songs were performed by Stachursky. The songs turned out to be very successful and were quickly spotted by people working in the music business.

In 2000, BMG Music Publishing Poland, which was soon to become Universal Music Publishing MGB Poland, made Marcin an offer to collaborate. Since then, Marcin has concentrated on developing his skills and gaining more experience in the field of music production. He has worked with a huge group of Polish artists, including many famous stars.
Marcin is also known as a writer of theme tunes for TV programmes and series. His most significant and successful work was the music and lyrics he created for a comedy show called ‘Rodzinka.PL’. The series has been broadcast on Polish national TV since 2011 and is considered the most popular Polish comedy show, watched by millions of viewers. 
For the last few years Marcin has been collaborating with top Polish artists, recording mainly for Universal Music Poland and Magic Records. Many of these artists' albums often go Gold or Platinum, and songs written by Marcin jump to the top of radio airplay charts. 
Marcin enjoys taking up new challenges and his favourite motto is: “The things which are impossible to achieve, I deal with right here and now. For a miracle – you'll have to wait… I'll manage to deal with miracles within 7 days”. Marcin is able to combine work with his biggest passion – composing songs – and he regards this as the perfect match.

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