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Roddy Frame

At the age of seventeen, Roddy Frame and his band Aztec Camera signed to Glasgow’s legendary Postcard label, releasing two singles before moving on to Rough Trade where the unique acoustic sound of their debut album ‘High Land Hard Rain’ was responsible for inspiring a whole generation of indie bands.

Aztec Camera´s career involved an array of intriguing collaborations - from recordings with legendary R&B producer Tommy Lipuma and Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto to a duet with The Clash's Mick Jones on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Along the way, the band released released singles such as ‘Oblivious’, ‘Walk Out To Winter’, ‘How Men Are’ and ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ which all went on to become radio favourites.

In 2002 Roddy released the solo album ‘Surf’, a landmark album of new compositions which he recorded in single takes, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. The record was a huge critical success with reviewer agreeing on ‘Surf’ being a seminal piece of work.

This was followed by a string of dates at Soho´s legendary jazz club Ronnie Scott´s as well as the acclaimed follow up album ‘Western Skies’ in 2006.

Following a long, self-imposed hiatus, broken only by a tour of the UK in 2011 and a sell-out string of prestigious shows in the UK to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘High Land Hard Rain’, Roddy was moved to return to recording. This resulted in ‘Seven Dials’, a ten track L.P of new material which was released in May 2014 to a rapturous reception. It’s certainly good to have Roddy back.

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Somewhere In My Heart