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iamamiwhoami is represented by DEF Management and published by UMP / Berts Songs.

One of the most extraordinary internet phenomenons of recent times, iamamiwhoami have over the past 2 years surprised, delighted and intrigued in equal measure. Beautiful and mysterious music videos began to appear online, both surreal and visually sumptuous.

Speculation was rife as to who the artist in question might be whilst the videos generated millions of hits and created a huge online following. Over time the singer was discovered to be Jonna Lee, though little was known of her or her collaborators. Plaudits followed including a Swedish Grammy award for 'Innovator of the Year' and MTV's 'Digital Genius Award' this summer.Between 2009 and 2010, iamamiwhoami gave birth to the project by releasing 6 short videos with instrumental music and ‘bounty’ -  7 singles and videos. In November 2010 ‘In Concert’, a 64 minute online live concert in a forest was streamed for 3 hours on their website site

In September 2012, iamamiwhoami released ‘kin’, a musical album and 45 minute film, to critical acclaim. The first chapter ‘sever’ was released in February 2012 and a succession of chapters were uploaded every fortnight. The final chapter ‘goods’ was released 6th June, marking the completion of the album.

iamamiwhoami performed their first London show, a sell out, at the Ether festival at the Southbank Centre, in October 2012, to rave reviews. In May 2013, they played a show at Electric Brixton London which coincided with their long-awaited release of 'bounty', the album which was the prologue to kin.

The third audiovisual album, titled 'Blue', was officially released in November 2014.

Musically iamamiwhoami transport you to a musical universe as magical and wondrous as the visual world they create; a deluxe digital dream of sexy and sophisticated electro-pop, as inventive as it is inviting.

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