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Young Buck

These days being a rapper in the industry has been very challenging. Not only do you have to have the lyrical flow, but you have to be versatile, creative, and energetic on the stage. All the women should want you and all the men have to want to be you. In this industry your swagger and talent has to be on point. When you combine everything they should be the perfect ingredients for a successful rap star. This is exactly what former G-Unit and Cashville member YOUNG BUCK brings to the hip-hop industry. 

Young Buck was born March 15, 1981 as David Darnell Brown in Nashville, TN. He grew up hard, living with his single mother, sister and cousins in Nashville, also known to Buck as Cashville, Ten-A-Key. At the young age of 14, David took to the streets of Cashville selling drugs to make a way to survive. At the same time he discovered a new hobby: rapping, which soon became a major focus in the young hustler's life. The Nashville hip-hop scene was just beginning to pop and Buck wanted to be apart of it any way possible. 

By 1997 Buck gained the attention of the then blossoming and recently known empire, Cash Money Records. The new rapper spent the next four years on and off with Cash Money before aligning with the label's biggest star, Juvenile, who left to build his own company, UTP Records. 

Buck spent most of 2001 on the road with UTP hustling and making a name for himself around the country. During a New York visit, UTP recorded with Sha Money XL and local rapper 50 Cent, who had created quite a buzz for himself and his G-Unit crew. 50 really liked Young Buck’s style and by 2002 Buck was signed to G-Unit/Interscope Records. Soon after G-Unit released the crew's double platinum Beg For Mercy album, which showcased plenty of Buck's Southern swag and mellow but aggressive flow, that helped put Cashville on the map.

In 2004 Buck dropped the platinum-plus selling Straight Outta Cashville, only about ten years after he first put his hands on the mic. Buck says, "I was blessed to get the success that I got on that album." The rapper says, "It really was good material, but it wasn't the best Buck material." 

With about a two-year break, Young Buck released his second debut album March 27, 2007. Buck the World debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, with sales of 141,083 in the first week. 

Since the release of Buck’s second album he's had a couple of controversies. The biggest controversy is the highly publicized beef with rapper 50 Cent. After numerous rumors of a "beef" within G-Unit, 50 Cent officially kicked Young Buck out of the group, in 2008. He later assured that he was still signed with the label. There were many slandering songs that arose on the internet from both camps with Young Buck also appearing in a music video of former rival The Game. 

After all of this, 50 Cent then leaked a taped phone conversation between himself and Young Buck, which showed one of the true reasons for the falling out. Young Buck later stated the conversation took place over a year before the leak. The two camps have since released a multitude of songs against each other, with the feud settling down by 2009, with Young Buck stating he's been working on his latest album. 

Even though Buck hasn’t released an album since 2007 and he has been through some drama. He has overcome all of the negativity and is working hard to push out his next mixtape. Buck’s new mixtape is entitled BACK ON MY BUCK SHIT 2 and it is going to be the hottest thing to hit the streets from this talented artist. 

Young Buck has recently spoke about his new song “Gotta Love It” which addresses his relationship status with 50 Cent. This new mixtape really showcases Young Buck’s talent and his versatility. He has really grown over the years and is ready to show everyone what else he has to offer. 

And as far as what Young Buck feels, he says, “If you not a fan of Buck, then just pay attention 'cause at this point, I feel like I'm more focused than I've ever been in my career...I'm good people, I'm doing what you should be doing and that's surviving...Coming to a 'hood near you. Back On My Buck Sh*t." (Southern Smoke TV).” 

Get ready for the new and improved rap star because he is coming back stronger and hotter than ever. You can get the mixtape now at 


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