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The Avila Brothers

Bobby and IZ have been involved professionally with a virtual “Who’s Who” of high profile artists who have tapped their proven abilities as writers and producers. Among the projects under the AVILA BROTHERS banner are four songs on the critically acclaimed come back release from the great “ El Debarge” entitled “Second Chance”, Anthony Hamilton’s 2009 Grammy Nominated R&B song of the year entitled “The Point Of It All” and most recently four songs on Usher’s Grammy Award Winning R&B album of the year entitled “Raymond v Raymond”.

The Avila’s past banner are seven songs on the multi-platinum release from superstar Usher entitled Confessions which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart and sold 1.1 million in its first week and also won a Grammy for Best. R&B album of the year. The fraternal duo also wrote and produced two songs for Mary J. Blige’s Multi-platinum release entitled “The Breakthrough” and also won a Grammy for best R&B album of the year.

The AVILA BROTHERS produced and wrote seven songs for Chaka Kahn’s release entitled “Funk This” which won The Avilas two Grammys for Best R&B album of the year and Best R&B song written by The brothers which Featured Chaka Kahn & Mary J.Blige for best Duo/ Group. As a team the duo got their start producing tracks for Michael Jackson’s custom label, with credits that include the female soul trio Brownstone. They would go on to work closely with rap pioneer Ice T, writing and producing material on two albums, as well as creating original music for such feature films as Mo’ Money and A Million To Juan. The Avila Brothers have been on a virtually non-stop schedule of writing and producing for years. Among the many standout projects in their resume are the Paramount Pictures feature film, Fighting Temptations, starring Beyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding, Jr., The Dreamworks feature film, Sharktale, starring Will Smith, Robert De Niro and more.The duo also wrote and produced multiple tracks for a Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore duet album, Things That Lovers Do.