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Sezen Aksu

Sezen Aksu was born in Denizli and spent much of her early years in Izmir, Turkey. She studied painting, music and theatre at school. While attending university, she released her first recording. This first song, 'Kaybolan Yillar' (Bygone Years), became a hit and marked the beginning of her professional career. Sezen Aksu is the first female Turkish artist who composes and performs her own music.

Sezen Aksu mostly writes and performs her own songs. This gives her the chance to be one of the rare artists who shares her life's philosophy with her audience. 

Her songs remind us of a world freed from negative beliefs. It is her passion and questioning attitude that sparks her awareness of humanity, of other lives and their innermost feelings. Her inspiring voice reminds us of an uncorrupted human nature. She provokes our most untamed human feelings through her lyrics and music. Her intuition sparks her compassion, allowing her to hear every message – all free from social, racial and national discrimination. 

Sezen Aksu cherishes the bright side of life too. Her fun and humorous side reveals itself in her concerts that have a 'stand up' flavor. International audiences all over the world identify with her voice, songs and delivery that have reached the maturity of universalism.

Sezen Aksu has released 28 albums, 2 books and sold more than 20 million physical copies. She is well known internationally for the song 'Kiss Kiss', as a composer. She has performed live more than 1500 times for over 4 million people. Her songs have also been performed and/or recorded by more than 100 different artists. With all of her albums, she has been in the pursuit of bettering herself, without trying to prove anything to others. She has supported many artists and is proud of their continuing success.

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Sezen Aksu - Manifesto