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Chase McGill

Chase McGill grew up in the small town of Columbus, MS. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and picked up a guitar at age 12. "I always hated the actual lessons and having to learn other people's songs," McGill says. "So, to make my mom think I was practicing, I'd have the sheet music in-front of me, but I'd sit for hours and write until I thought I had something that could fool her into thinking a 'real' composer must have done it. It never fooled my teacher..." 

By the age of 15, McGill had joined his first rock band where he began playing shows at the local theaters and bars.

"I was sold from the opening chord of the first song I ever played on stage. I knew right then, I'd never want to do anything else."

McGill would go on to play in many different acts ranging from hard rock, to a blues duo, to bluegrass, but in 2008, McGill's fever for writing, recording, and playing landed him in a white, 15 passenger van with an indie-folk rock band where they managed to pull off over 300 shows in 2 years until they decided that Los Angeles, CA would be a good place to settle down for a while.

"LA was really the turning point for me. I wasn't there long enough to even get my boots dirty, but I had a realization. I was meant for country. My influences over the years had ranged from metal, to punk, to indie rock, but being a child of the 90's, I couldn't seem to shake those country roots, and frankly, I was tired of trying. I wanted to write songs that really meant something, that really took the listener to a different place, and allowed me to say exactly what I wanted to say. I heard there was some of that going on in Nashville..."

So on September 11, 2010, McGill made the 1,780 mile trek from Los Angeles, CA to Music City, USA. Two years and a catalogue of country songs later, Chase is one of the newest additions to UMPG Nashville's powerhouse roster.

"There's writers here that have written so many of my favorite songs. I'm just so thankful for the opportunity to learn from them, and hopefully be able to contribute to the rich American genre that is country music."