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STIX has got his fair share of stories to tell.

Growing up in Watts, CA, he's no stranger to the rougher edges of the streets. However, in 2002, he made a crucial discovery. While sitting in a car with a local rapper and friend named Bad Lucc, he realized his calling.

"We were listening to some rap songs, and I was like, 'I wish I could do that'," recalls Stix. "Bad Lucc handed me a pen and pad and taught me how to structure songs with a verse and a hook. He broke it down in one sitting, and I started writing and rapping at that moment."

Ideas began to pour out of him, and he became a local favorite. Despite a quick spell in the "Krump" dancing scene, one of his songs serendipitously landed in the hands of actor, rapper, and author Tyrese Gibson. "He heard a track of mine, and he took me under his wing," he goes on. "Everything took off from there."

He recorded songs with Gibson and even toured the country with him twice. In 2004, he began to hone his writing abilities even further. He penned "The One" for Ak'Sent, and the single was prominently featured in the film Coach Carter as well as on the soundtrack and even in the trailer. Nailing down structure, a friend James Fauntleroy encouraged him to continue writing even more.

Shortly after, he teamed up with R&B sensation Bobby Valentino for Next of Both Worlds, a successful independent digital album. Another game-changing moment came when he was introduced to Iggy Azalea. Enchanted by his sound and style, Azalea personally tapped Stix to co-executive produce her debut album Ignorant Art and co-executive produce her sophomore EP, Glory, with T.I. Stix even hit the road with Azalea as her production coordinator and hype man. Shortly after, Stix signed a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Now, he's written for artists like Cody Simpson, Nicole Scherzinger, Zedd, Scarface, Eliza Doolittle, Alli Simpson, Brooke Candy and more. Stix stands out as a bridge between genres. To add to his songwriting capabilities, Stix also serves as a striving entreprenuer in the music business. Stix co-created and developed upcoming pop sensation Fly Panda, who is currently signed to Cherry Party / Sony. Alongside of his production company responsibilities, he also co-manages on the verge Dj/Producer Lexoskeleton, who Stix partnered with DJ Whiteshadow (know for his work with Lady Gaga) to secure a publishing deal with Kobalt.

"I want to be able to do it all," he exclaims. "I want to make rock, pop, hip hop, and dance records. I want my music to touch as many people as I can."

With the stories he's got, there's no doubt that he will.

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