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CAMEO: Keeping it "FUNKY" for over 40 years.

The music industry.  While its style and paradigm will change, over time there are some things that will remain constant.  While substance might not always outshine flash it will surely outlast it.  There are rare instances however, when the two can combine to form something absolutely unique.  CAMEO is a perfect example of one of those rare instances. 

Selling over 20 million records, CAMEO has maintained its core funkiness for nearly four decades.  Their sound and reputation for live performance have set one of the benchmarks that artists aspire to reach.  Many have attempted to duplicate and follow in their footsteps and it is safe to say that CAMEO has been instrumental in changing how the world thinks about and listens to music. 

Founded and produced by Larry Blackmon, CAMEO made its debut via the 1977 album "CARDIAC ARREST" which spawned the hits "We're Going Out Tonight" and "Rigormortis".  Since then, CAMEO has enjoyed an action-packed, chart filled career. 

Along with Larry Blackmon, CAMEO's core lineup consists of "lifers" Tomi Jenkins, Charlie Singleton, Aaron Mills, Anthony Lockett, Jeff Nelson, Kevin Kendricks and Jonathan Moffett. 

A multitude of recording artists and filmmakers have sampled or re-created versions of their favorite CAMEO music and songs in projects and films being played today. These artists include Tupac Shakur, Boys II Men,8-Ball & MJG, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, KORN and Will Smith just to name a few.

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