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Lophiile is a 26-year-old, LA-based producer born Tyler Acord who has already toured the world in his metal outfit ISSUES, however, he left the group to pursue a solo career as an artist / producer. His ascent has been rapid ever since–before he had even released a single track, Zedd took notice of his talents and signed the young artist to a publishing deal after hearing a bootleg remix Lophiile had posted online. 

Growing up in Seattle, Lophiile's interests oscillated between musical and technical. Both run in his blood -- his mother sang in church and released a few albums of her own, with his father serving as her sound engineer. “It’s probably because of my parents that I’m even doing this,” he explains. “I started playing instruments and then went into production. It kept snowballing from there.”

Not long after his first break with Zedd, Lophiile had established a solo career through collaborations with GoldLink, Skrillex, Gallant, H.E.R., and RAY BLK among others. Despite working with such acclaimed artists, Lophiile is only now releasing “Newno,” his first official single. Fueled by both a love of Stevie Wonder and the music he discovered at late-night raves in L.A., “Newno” is the purest distillation of Lophiile. It neatly synthesizes all of Lophiile’s influences and includes features from rising vocalists Nick Grant and Moss Kenna.

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