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Young Martino

Songwriter/producer Young Martino (Jose Martín Velázquez) is a 25 year-old Puerto Rico native who has produced over 100 songs over the last 3 years.  His eclectic blend of jazz, rap and hip-hop influences makes him a unique talent who challenges ideas about what people expect to hear from a Puerto Rican musician. 

His work with fellow Puerto Rican rappers Alvaro Díaz, Joyce Santana and Brray opened the doors for him to be guest DJ for Alvaro Díaz during his opening for Calle 13's Mexico City show in 2014 which drew 18,000 fans. His distinctive production has also earned the praise of some of the most prominent indie music festivals, including SXSW, REMEZCLA, LAMC and Viva Latino, to name a few.   In 2016, NPR's Alt.Latino radio show named him one of six young producers who shape Latino identity with sound. 

In 2017, Martino collaborated with Casper Mágico, Nío Garcia and Darell, co-writing and producing the single "Te Boté." A remix featuring Nicky Jam, Ozuna and Bad Bunny was released in April of 2018, causing the track to go viral and become a global hit - the video has over 1.78 million views in YouTube. The song was #1 in Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart for 14 weeks ad peaked at #36 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, earning Young Martino his first nomination for producer of the year for the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

A piano player who listens to jazz and soul, he's recently produced Def Jam artist DaniLeigh and has upcoming releases by Darell, Young C's, Casper and Brray.

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'Te Bote Remix' -Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Ozuna