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With deep roots in dance music culture, Miami-based duo AtellaGali spent the early part of their career developing their sound behind the decks across the United States’ club scene. By taking what they learned on the dance floor into the studio, Atella and Gali have crafted a style that blends elements from all facets of today’s dance music scene. From lush, tropical melodies to soaring big room synths, to classic house beats, their music has the rare ability to reach fans from all kinds of musical backgrounds, uniting the masses together under a shared love of feel-good music. Signed to Aftercluv, Universal Music Group’s dance music arm, Atellagali has performed on some of the world’s most lucrative stages, including Road to Ultra Chile, Peru, and Paraguay, Ultra Music Festival Miami, and more. In addition to touring worldwide, the duo also curates Aftercluv Sessions "En Alfa," a radio show on Mexico’s #1 radio station Alfa 91.3 FM, every Friday night.

Their debut single introduced Atellagali to the world as a force to watch in 2014. Titled “Gimme More,” it featured legendary Gospel singer Chris Willis, best known as the voice behind David Guetta’s “Just a Little More Love,” “Don’t Let Me Go,” and “Love is Gone.” The following year, their track “Close To Your Love” featuring Amanda Renee hit #1 in markets around the world and became one of 2015’s best loved summer anthems. Just a few months later, the duo whipped the dance community into a frenzy again with their follow up, “Dance The Night Away,” which garnered a bevy of remix by acclaimed producers like Eche Palante, Club Banditz and Reez. A slew of hit remixes for artists like Imagine Dragons, JBalvin and Farruko, Keane, and Mandisa opened AtellaGali up to new audiences across the musical spectrum, transforming them into an internationally recognized name and one the most sought after rising stars in today’s dance music scene.

Now, the acclaimed duo hits fans with a powerful new single featuring singer Silk Matthews. Titled “California Vibin’,” the upbeat and sunny ballad touches on deeper social issues faced by millions each day. The track is set to release November 18, 2016, followed by an official music video shot in Laguna Beach with famed production team Ohrangutang.

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