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XAXO is a Miami-based pop duo that genre-bends electrofunk, rock, and R&B, comprised of brothers Dav and Johnny “Johnny Echo” Julca. Much like the music they play, the brothers are fearless, determined, and driven, with a peculiar sense of humor and a spontaneous flare.

Born in Panama from Peruvian parents, Dav and Johnny moved to Ohio in their teens and performed in a Hispanic church in Columbus where their parents were pastors. Taking influence from their mother’s songwriting encouragement, they honed their musical craft early and identified with punk culture, which was the sound of their first bands in the 90s. After touring with a high school pop rock band, Dav moved to Mexico City in 2006 to continue his musical studies and developed a solo career that took him to Puerto Rico and Miami. Johnny continued producing pop and hip hop music. Both always wrote in English and Spanish.

On their eclectic background, the brothers note, “we know what being different is and we know that ‘different’ makes the world go ‘round."

The brothers re-convened in Miami in 2010 and began writing with others such as Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Pitbull, Kat Dahlia, Jason Derulo, Marc Anthony, Los Rakas, and Paulina Rubio.

In 2015, the Julca brothers formed XAXO and have become the face of the underground music and art movement rooted in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Art District. The name stems from their exclusive, speakeasy-style warehouse where they collaborate with the scene’s most tastemaking musicians and artists.

XAXO’s first EP 'Looking For Nothing' is slated for release early Fall 2016 via Space52, operating as a label imprint under Miami's own Mishu Music.

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