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Hector "El Father"

The singer, songwriter and music producer Hector "El Father" returns to the music scene with a second album as solis ta entitled The Last Judgment, a project of twelve songs which aims to be innovative and new proposals for the artist. With a history of more than seventeen year career and about twenty musical productions under his name, Hector began his artistic career in the mid-nineties to be one of the most famous duos of the genre, Hector and Tito "Los Bambinos", with which he managed one sinnúmeros success, being the first artists of the movement to fill a massive concert in Puerto Rico paving the way to important colleagues like Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tego Calderon and Wisin & Yandel. Also, as a duo won major awards such as the Billboard Latin Music and privileged positions in both local and international radio stations.

After 12 years of successful career, Hector takes the name of "El Father" and decided to concentrate on his solo career achieving recognition as mentor of several artists like Don Omar, Lunytunes, Yomo and Naldo, among others. His solo career takes force with a mega concert for more than 60,000 people in Pasto, Colombia. Since then, his musical successes became anthems of reggaeton: "Night of mischief," "The breaks clubs", "Vamo 'pa Street," "Night of terror" and "Dale heat" are just some of them. in February of that same year he appeared at major festivals carnival in the Canary Islands. Similarly, it has been successfully launched in major cities in the United States.

The 2004 marks a new phase for the artist when the Father to a new adventure is launched as an executive and founding his own record label Gold Star Music with which he began to break the mold, placing the seal as one of the most important in the genre. The label brings together a catalog of the most famous and most recognized, such as Yomo, Polish artists, the Algarete band, among others. These artists, with the support of the same Hector and the company has established itself as the major exponents of the moment. Hector El Father has established itself as disquero breaking sales records with its production Los Anormales (2004) with which he managed to sell about 130,000 copies in just two days. For this album Hector gathered important interpreters of the genre as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Trebol Clan, Divino, Zion, Alexis y Fido, among others. Winner of Billboard Award for Rap Album of the Year with his album La Reconquista (2003) and Prize of the People (2005), in 2005 the Father creates an alliance with American rapper Jay-Z to develop several projects together, including Rompediscotekas, album surpassed 200,000 copies sold, also getting a nomination for Billboard Award 2007 in Latin Compilation Album category and another at the Urban Music Awards 2007 as Best International Artist.

Even the album managed to position itself in the top listings nationwide sales for several consecutive weeks. His first solo album The Bad Boy (2006) positioned in the market as one of the most important albums in his career reaching the top sales; while their radio hit "Alone" got placed in the number one Latin Billboard Chart for 6 consecutive weeks. The single also awarded three nominations to Premios Lo Nuestro 2008 in categories: Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year; just as the Latin Billboard Awards nominated him as Song Reggaeton of the Year (2008). The special edition of this award - winning production, The Bad Boy - The Most Wanted Edition, led Hector El Father to the European continent visiting successfully England, Italy, Holland and Spain. The album, produced by the singer himself, included two CDs with a total of twenty - six songs and a DVD in a package worthy luxury collection.

As a prelude to his second unreleased solo, in June 2008 the Puerto Rican delivered a disk greatest hits titled Hector El Father, I saw Mourn My Path. A new production titled The Last Judgment, dismisses the Father of the secular world. The artist, who has followed the instinct of his heart to sing to the Lord, debuts with this board as a Christian singer and proposing a dozen songs that the artist carries messages of love and peace.

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