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Natalia Lafourcade

NATALIA LAFOURCADE was born on February 26, 1984 in Mexico City. Her father Gaston Lafourcade, founded the Association of Organists and harpsichord of Chile and professor at the UNAM. Her mother Maria del Carmen Silva created the Musical Teaching Method and Integral Development Macarsi. Natalia spent her childhood in Coatepec, Veracruz, surrounded by music and art.

At age 14 she joined the pop group Twist and from this she decided to study music formally. She learned bases guitar, piano and singing. Natalia also took a musical training program in Boston and at 16 began composing. In 2002, at age 17, she signed with Sony Music and recorded his album Natalia Lafourcade produced by Loris Ceroni and Aureo Baqueiro. In 2005 she released with his band The House Forquetina.

In 2006, after nine months in Canada, she composed the instrumental album The four seasons of love, same as recorded with the youth orchestra of Veracruz. As she conceived and composed songs with some of them she formed her album HU HU HU which went on sale in 2009.

For its humanitarian conviction supports altruistic projects as Techo, the foundation El Caracol youth on the street, Ponte Oreja program MVS Foundation, the Safe Passage in Guatemala, is spokeswoman for Save the Children and supports SIVAM (International Society of Mexican Securities AC Art). She composed the theme A birthright to the Mexican youth political movement I am 132.

She lent her voice to dub the film Puss in Boots and performed the music of TV series Mad Love. She has musically produced artists such as Carla Morrison and Ximena Sarinana. Beside Ely Guerra, Lo Biondo and Alondra de la Parra, she graced the bicentenary of Mexico with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas, resulting disk Crimson Travieso. Along with Alondra de la Parra it has presnetado in different venues in Mexico and USA. Natalia helped soundtracks of films like Amarte hurts, Duck Season and No sé si cortarme las venas o dejármelas largas. In 2013 she wrote the music for the tourism and cultural project I discovered Yucatan. In 2012 she filmed The sky in your eyes, directed by Pedro Pablo Ybarra and the documentary Made in Mexico, produced by Duncan Bridgeman. Cosmo TV, in the same year, produced the reallity Cosmo TV show My Private World on the life of Natalia.

Natalia has participated in tributes to different composers and performers like Caetano Veloso, Simon Diaz, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Mecano, Jose Jose, Intocable, Luis Eduardo Aute and Chavela Vargas. He has made countless duets with artists including Pepe Aguilar, Juan Gabriel, Jose Jose and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

In November 2014, she was one of the five artists selected for a playlist to accompany Spotify users during their tour in the exhibition in this view that, on the work of Octavio Paz at the Palace of Fine Arts.

During her career she has received honors and awards, including several Grammy Awards and MTV Latino. Natalia's career and talent are recognized in America, Europe and Asia. She has played toured in Japan and released her albums in Taiwan.

Her fifth album is the magnificent production "Divine Woman - Tribute to Agustín Lara," a meeting of generations that highlights the intensity of the heart of Mexicans. In artists like Gilberto Gil, Vicentico, Miguel Bosé, Lila Downs, Adrian Dargelos (Babasónicos), Meme (Café Tacuba), Jorge Drexler, León Larregui (Zoe), Leonardo de Lozanne, Leonel Garcia and Kevin Johansen involved, among others. It is platinum with over 80,000 copies sold. In 2013, this album was awarded 2 Latin Grammy Awards: Best alternative album of the year and best music video long version, in addition to having been nominated for best engineered recording.

Her lastest recording released in January 2015, to the root, debuted at No. 1 on platforms like iTunes and Deezer. In addition, the simple to the root and never enough were positioned at No. 1 on the list 50 of Spotify Viral Mexico and into the Top Ten in the Global category. This production has already obtained a platinum disc in Mexico and Gold in Italy. In addition to obtaining six Latin Grammy nominations this year: record of the year, album of the year, song of the year, best alternative music album, best song and best engineering alternative recording music album. She has won 5 of the 6 medals, missing only album of the year.

In February this year, Natalia won the Grammy for best rock album, urban or contemporary in the 2016 Grammy awards.Natalia Lafourcade has shared her music throughout Mexico and in countries like Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Canada, Japan, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Denmark, thereby conquering new horizons and hearts. This year made the first leg of the tour Looking roots, historic theaters in Mexico, visiting venues with great success with over 100 years old in cities like Zacatecas, Veracruz, Tlacotalpan, Leon, Guanajuato, Oaxaca and Puebla.

She is an artist with personality, an authority on contemporary music with unquestionable power of convocation. The public appreciates its simplicity and beauty of her performance even in the most unexpected places. Natalia is recognized worldwide for uniting generations, to make a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary music. She is undoubtedly a worthy representative of the music scene in Mexico.

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