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AlunaGeorge are Aluna Francis and George Reid. ‘Aluna’ means ‘come here’ in the Mwera dialect of Tanzania, ‘pupil’ in Portugese and ‘Mother Earth’ in Mayan. ‘George’ means George. Aluna writes and sings the melodies and lyrics. George arranges the music into uncanny and seductive new shapes. They met in 2009. They live in London. They have released the fresh, irresistible singles, ‘You Know You Like It’, ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ and ‘Attracting Flies’ and they have only just begun.  AlunaGeorge’s songs hinge on the chemistry between Aluna’s cool, commanding, distinctly British vocals and George’s disorientating brew of warped samples, twitching beats and thick, woozy bass.

AlunaGeorge entered 2013 with fans in all the right places. They finished in the top three of Brits Critics’ Choice Award, No. 2 in the BBC’s influential Sound of 2013 poll, as well as a MOBO Awards nomination. In July 2013 they released their much anticipated debut album ‘Body Music’. The album demonstrates the breadth and fluidity of AlunaGeorge’s sound: the strutting, taunting ‘Attracting Flies’, the sleek 80s soul groove of ‘Bad Idea’, the slippery, dream-like ‘Body Music’, the aquatic slow jam ‘Diver’ and the joyous, widescreen love song ‘Superstar’. This is exotic, imaginative pop destined for Radio 1 playlists as much as it is for blog acclaim. British pop just got a lot more interesting.

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'I'm In Control' ft. Popcaan