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Guy Sebastian

From the outside, it may seem Guy Sebastian’s career has had it all. Starting with his 2003 Australian Idol victory to more than 40 platinum-certified releases since, and even making the country’s debut on the Eurovision in 2015, it’s the stuff artists dream of.


From adversity comes revelation - and for Sebastian it was finding new found strength and creative inspiration. And the first taste of that is the soulful, anthemic and empowering new single ‘Before I Go’. Co-written with Jamie Hartman (Rag & Bone Man’s‘Human’) and David Hodges (Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years) and produced by Jamie Hartman


Fittingly,‘Before I Go’ was the first song written in Sydney for Sebastian’s upcoming 11th album due out next year. Hinting at a more raw, soulful bent, the artist has assembled a stellar supporting cast for a set that will show a whole new side of one of Australia’s most loved and enduring stars.


“I grew up on R&B and soul music and I just wanted everything to have a heartbeat,” he explains of the new material. “I love pop but I love being able to infuse soul into it. ‘Before I Go’ is still a pop song but it’s birthed out of soul. I can’t escape the fact that I’m a soul singer. I grew up on soul and gospel but the challenge of writing a well crafted pop song has always been what makes me tick. This new music is all about vocals and keeping the production simple and melodic. Even though this song represents some of the hardship I’ve had to endure this year, there has been a lot to rejoice about too so as always there are some really fun tunes too!”


Some of the talented artists who helped Sebastian realise his ambitious dream include US producer Pro-Jay (Robin ThickeSebastian’sBattle Scars’), Gold Coast producer M-Phazes (Amy SharkRuel), US vocal group The HamilTones, longtime collaborator Julian Bunetta (Niall Horan’s Slow Hands’), touted song writing and production duo The Orphanage (Demi Lovato) and many more. 


The strongest message around ‘Before I Go’ is that we all have a legacy to leave in our lifetime. There are gifts and talents that we all can pass onto our loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Legacy is as much about finding that inner strength to carry on when it seems the world around you wants anything but. As Guy says “We all have to find the fighter in us. This song is about just that, no matter how big or small the challenge is. Don’t give up. Tomorrow comes and so does the promise of accomplishment. No one can decide your fate for you.” 


It’s this reminder of “LEGACY”, tattooed on his arm that instils a daily reminder. Guy explains“I just remember that I’m here for a reason and I’m not going to let that person or circumstance stop the fact that I am part of something greater than myself. My songs and my music bring joy and healing to people. It all goes hand in hand. It is during hard at times that I keep reminding myself of that legacy.”

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Guy Sebastian - Before I Go