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Melbourne based singer-songwriter Lakyn had a huge 2018 as he released his six track EP & Pains and to celebrate headed out on a tour of the Australian East Coast and Auckland. Having toured with the likes of Vera Blue, Jack River and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Lakyn’s music has connected with varying audiences, dubbing himself as a force to reckoned with.


He reflects, “With these six songs I wanted to be brutally honest… I'm super happy and enjoying life now but I can't forget that I used to carry around some heavy weight that affected myself and the people closest to me…”


Lakyn spends a lot of his time in an imaginary world; one where life doesn’t get in the way of reflections and shadows that most people would walk right past.  His unique point of view makes him seem sometimes like he’s only just woken up…it’s just Lakyn being Lakyn.

It’s in his interactions with his best mate Biggie Smalls (his pet bird), the faux fur coat and bulbous sunglasses, in the impish grin he adopts in his Instagram videos when he knows he’s being particularly funny but doesn’t want to give himself away. For someone whose music is so serious, there’s a surprising roguish bent to Lakyn’s personality.

When Lakyn writes music, he sees little pictures and films in his head, which is then imbued with his own emotions, memories and views. If you close your eyes while you listen, you might be able to see a bit of Lakyn's world- filled with childlike curiosity and ingenuity. He says “over the past few years I’ve realized that it’s important to just be me, no matter what.” 

My plans are to keep playing shows and work toward sharing more music into 2019…I was still finishing & Pains while it was getting prepared for release, I just kept writing, producing and collaborating with some awesome people so I guess I have a lot of ammo.” – Lakyn via Pilerats.



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Lakyn - Sweet Days