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Lee Kernaghan

Since barnstorming his way onto the country music charts with the mega hit “Boys From The Bush” Lee Kernaghan has notched up 31 #1 hits on the Australian Country Chart, won a staggering 28 Golden Guitars and has sold 2 million albums in the Australian market. His music gave birth to rural rock and songs like “Hat Town”, “She’s my Ute” and “The Outback Club”” gave voice to a new generation of country Australia. Now he is back, stretching the musical envelope yet again with what industry insiders are predicting will be another ground breaking album - Beautiful Noise.

2008 was a milestone year when Lee was named Australian of the Year for his service to rural and regional Australia. He dedicated much of the year to visiting drought-affected communities, singing his songs and showing his support for families doing it tough on the land.

At the 2010 Country Music Awards of Australia he was awarded the Golden Guitar for Top Selling Album of The Year for Planet Country.

In 2012 Kernaghan headed back into the studio to record his 10th studio album, “Beautiful Noise”. He was not prepared to rest on his laurels when it came time to offer his legion of fans something new. The latest album has a giant beating country heart and an innovative approach to the music production.

Lee said, “The title track is a song about a red dirt dream, a big V8 and the promise of an open road. It’s also about having your girl there with you and the beating of her heart as you hold her close…- It’s a Beautiful Noise!.”

Industry insiders are predicting Beautiful Noise will be another ground-breaking album for Lee.

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Boys From The Bush