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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Dutch band Bløf; an era in which the band scored over 30 Top 40 hits, travelled the world for their Umoja project, performed at the renowned Pinkpop festival, but also had to come to terms with the tragic loss of their original drummer Chris Götte. This year saw the publication of Bløf’s biography ‘Hier – 20 jaar Bløf’, the complete and intimate story of a band from Zeeland that rose up to become the biggest band in the Netherlands. 

The band released their debut album 'Naakt Onder De Hemel' as an independent release in 1995, but their breakthrough came three years later with hit single ‘Liefs Uit Londen’, taken from their second album 'Helder', released on EMI. 

In 2004, Bløf scored a big No. 1 hit with ‘Holiday In Spain’, a Dutch/English duet with friends and musical soul mates Counting Crows. Two years later the band released 'Umoja' - an ambitious project that took the band on an extensive journey all over the world. The album contains 13 songs recorded in 13 different countries featuring different local artists. 

For their latest album ‘Alles Blijft Anders’, the band collaborated with internationally renowned photographer Anton Corbijn (U2, Depeche Mode), whose artwork ideas were consistent with what the band set out to express with this album. ‘Alles Blijft Anders’ marks a new beginning, a glimpse at what lies ahead for Bløf. According to bassist and lyricist Peter Slager: “We’re older now, our lives have changed, but we still feel the same passion. We are still young guns. More than ever, our ambition is to remain the best and biggest band in the Netherlands. Our goal is to maintain our current level for at least another decade.” 

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BLØF - Zoutelande (Official Video) ft. Geike Arnaert
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