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Swedish electro-pop producer Andreas Kleerup made a big splash gradually rippling outward, in late 2006, when he collaborated with the resplendently resurgent Robyn on 'With Every Heartbeat'. It was released as non-album single for the singer, later included on the British and American editions of her self-titled comeback album ans becoming her (and his) first no.1 hit in the UK in the summer of 2007. 

Kleerup's self-titled debut album appeared in 2008 and included 'With Every Heartbeat' as well as similarly styled tracks with vocal performances from Lykke Li, Marit Bergman, Neneh Cherry and Titiyo. It became a top 10 hit in his home country and resulted in him winning big at the Swedish Grammy Awards following year - Newcomer of the Year, Producer of the Year and Composer of the Year.

His band Me and My Army released their debut album 'Thank God for Sending Demons' in 2011.

Four years after Kleerup was named one of the world's hottest producers by NME spent the early part of 2014 experimenting on new ideas and technology, and had begun to sketch out some basic ideas. Kleerup revisited an idea he and Christian Falk has worked on together and shared it with Susanne Sundfør who added the mesmeric topline. It all ended up in the upcoming single 'Let Me In' - a song which captures the adventurous spirit of Kleerup’s earlier work while pushing the Eighties influence to a new level. 'Let Me In' previews the release of the new mini-album entitled 'As If We Never Won'.

In 2015 Kleerup was one of the artists that appeared in the TV concept 'Så mycket bättre' (Swedish version of The Best Singers).

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Robyn & Kleerup - 'With Every Heartbeat'