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Say Lou Lou

Say Lou Lou is a musical duo from Sweden and Australia consisting of twin sisters Miranda and Elektra Kilbey. They found an early success just out of high school and were quickly picked up by a major label. However, the excitement of the whirlwind was soon exchanged for a bit of disillusionment and a loss of identity as the two were consistently obliged to compromise on their art and their image. To compound this, there was the omnipresent critique of them as women: they were like models so they mustn’t know what they’re doing; they’re too sexy; they’re not sexy enough. So after the brief foray, Say Lou Lou decided they’d reached the end of their relationship with the corporate music industry. In order to produce something that they were proud of and that represented them as artists, they would need to separate and take some time for themselves. They found an amicable break from their label and were again in sole ownership of their work. From here, they turned to the West Coast of the United States and embarked on what they call their Renaissance time: a period after which perhaps the music industry would be inclined to adapt to them, instead of the other way around.

Expatriated to the woodsy hills of Los Angeles, the two were able to finally access some respite to recenter themselves, and in turn, creatively flourish. They curated a respectful and nurturing world within which they allowed only close friends and collaborators whom they knew were totally dedicated to the project — mainly producer, songwriter and musician Trent Mazur and engineer, producer, songwriter Dash Le Francis. Over the course of a year, within this cocoon, there was an endless cycle of songwriting, brainstorming, cooking, eating, drinking, talking, arguing, drinking, smoking, cooking, eating, recording. “It was some of the best times of our lives. It was intense,” explains Miranda. “We only rarely let others in and with them, their opinions. We needed to make this on our own this time. 

The result of this effort is the very personal upcoming album Immortelle, a moody and sensual presentation, which was heavily inspired by film noir and old James Bond scores. There are layers of dreamy vocals over a mixture of live music and synth. “It was very symbiotic,” explains Elektra. “We had all of these mood boards and visuals from the beginning; we constantly referenced old films and looked at clips. Parts of the album were very premeditated and structured: the vibe, the world, instruments and string references. And instead of making a music video for a song that is totally disconnected, we decided to make a song with the video in mind — giving thought to both the aural and visual aspects so they’re all properly cohesive.” The twins embraced the idea that an artist doesn’t need to be limited to a single medium; what’s important is that an audience can engage with the world the artists create, regardless of vessel. Immortelle and its accompanying moving and still imagery will attest to that — and to the fact that perhaps women needn't be defined by one thing; they're are capable of many talents at once.

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Say Lou Lou 'Golden Child'