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Calle Lehmann

Calle Lehmann is one of the brightest songwriting stars from Sweden. His latest single cuts from this year include Galantis - 'Mama Look At Me Now' (Atlantic) and Why Don’t We - 'Talk' (Atlantic). Calle has an upcoming cut with Liam Payne and has during his two active years worked with Rita Ora, Kygo, Zara Larsson, Petite Meller, Phoebe Ryan and Maty Noyes.
Calle Lehmann got a flying start in 2016 with his first international single cut ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’ from the Billboard no. 1 and Grammy nominated album 'Death Of A Bachelor' by Panic At The Disco! In 2017 Urban Cone released the Calle co-written single 'Old School' through Interscope. 
Calle Lehmann has since then been building his name internationally where the creative community has hailed his ability to always bring brilliant conceptual ideas and catchy melodies fast to the table. Moreover, Calle a great singer and comfortable with instruments through his experience playing in bands. 
Today, Calle spends his time between writing songs in the US and being the executive producer for AMWIN’s album (previous Swedish Idol runner up).

Photo: Alexander Buultjens

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Galantis 'Mama Look At Me Now'