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Within Temptation

Masters of elegance, melodrama and symphonic grandeur, Within Temptation are not just one of the most distinctive and charismatic bands to emerge from the metal scene in recent times, but also one of European metal’s greatest success stories of the last decade. Formed in 1996 by guitarist Robert Westerholt and vocalist Sharon den Adel, ably assisted by bassist Jeroen van Veen, the Dutch quintet set out to create music that would strike a sublime balance between the bold, evocative sweep of cinema soundtracks and the brooding, gothic splendour of the finest dark-hued rock and metal of the modern age. 

The band exploded into the mainstream spotlight across Europe upon the release of their second album, Mother Earth, in 2000. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength selling in excess of 2.8 Million CDs & DVDs with releases in 48 countries, receiving 30 Gold and Platinum awards and 4 Export Awards of the Netherlands as well as 2 MTV European Music Awards, 2 World Music Awards and many more. 

The current Within Temptation line-up has experienced huge commercial success in their native country and elsewhere. These days the band is completed by lead guitarist Ruud Jolie, guitarist Stefan Helleblad (replaced Robert Westerholt on stage since 2011), keyboard maestro Martijn Spierenburg and drummer Mike Coolen. 

Within Temptation are now in an unassailable position as one of the continent’s biggest rock bands, but far from settling into complacency. Their latest offering The Unforgiving brings both a new sound and new perspective to the band’s unique world. It is a dazzling tour-de-force of state-of-the-art hard rock, gleaming pop melodies, razor-sharp arrangements and powerful, shadow-shrouded atmospheres. A formidable live band whose extravagant shows have become legendary.

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