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Jacob Olofsson

Jacob Olofsson and Leo Rami Dawod forms Jarami – the production duo behind Frank Ocean’s 'Chanel'. Another well-known work created by Jarami is Camila Cabello’s 'Never Be The Same', taken from her no. 1 album 'Camila'.

Away from their work with Ocean and Cabello, they also make music on their own and released the EP 'Sketches' and single 'Hear This' in 2017. Their debut single 'Know No Better' featured Puff Daddy & Ty Dolla $ign collaborator Gizzle. 

Spending most of their time in LA, Jarami have built a stellar reputation working alongside The Weeknd, Marc E. Bassy, Tom Misch to name a few. 


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Jarami 'Hear This'