Petter - '9818'

Petter - '9818'

Today Swedish rapper Petter celebrates his 20th anniversary as an artist with a double release - '9818' is a newly written album on which the lyrics depicts flashbacks and reflections on Petter's own journey and the society for the last 20 years - and an anniversary edition of 'Mitt sjätte sinne 20'.

Petter has been releasing lots of music during 2018. He started of the year with a bang and released hit single 'Toppen av ett berg' (feat. Madi Banja). He then released singles 'En grej i taget' (with Mapei & MagnusTheMagnus) and 'Regnet' (with Molly Sandén & SAMI). All songs are taken from the album 'Lev nu' released in June. He now follows that up with '9818' and 'Mitt sjätte sinne 20'.

Today is also the last day of Petter's mini marathon of concerts at Mosebacke in Stockholm, where each concert has been a chapter of his musical life.

UMPG writer Thomas Rusiak has collaborated with Petter on '9818'. 

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