Vargas & Lagola nominated for Spotify's Secret Genius Awards

Vargas & Lagola nominated for Spotify's Secret Genius Awards

Beatmakers. Hitmakers. Songwriters. Producers. Engineers. Mix Engineers. What do all of these individuals have in common? They are Secret Geniuses—the quietly known, seldom recognized driving forces behind the most listened to music in the world. But the secret won’t last long.

Last year, Spotify founded the Secret Genius program as part of its mission to remain dedicated in supporting music's creator community, which includes artists, songwriters, producers, engineers and mixers. Secret Genius shines particular light on the masterminds behind the music that fans are streaming the most on Spotify. Since the program’s inception, Spotify continues to tell the stories behind today’s biggest hits on the Secret Genius podcast, hosts songwriting "Songshops" camps, and provides studio access to rising songwriters, among other ongoing efforts.

On August 22th Spotify announced the nominees for 2018 Secret Genius Awards and among the nominated songwriters and producers we find Vargas & Lagola (nominated in the dance category for Axwell Ʌ Ingrosso's 'More Than You Know').

Other UMPG writers includes; Benny Blanco, Cardo, Steve Mac, David Garcia, Brian Lee and Rolo. 

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Axwell Ʌ Ingrosso - 'More Than You Know'