Dutch Premiere of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Dutch Premiere of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Dutch Premiere: ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’

On July 17th The Film ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ premiered in Pathe Tuchinki, Amsterdam.

This feel-good film contains all the well-known ABBA songs like ‘Waterloo’, Dancing Queen’ and of course ‘Mamma Mia’.

Five years after the events of Mamma Mia! Sophie is now 25-years old and pregnant with Sky’s child. Living on Greek island of Kalokairi and running her mother’s villa, Sophie is worried about her relationship with Sky and doubting her ability to survive without her mother. With the guidance from Donna’s friends and former bandmates, Tanya & Rosie, Sophie learns about her mother’s past and how she came to be.

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The Cast

  • Lily James                          Young Donna

  • Amanda Seyfried               Sophie

  • Meryl Streep                      Donna

  • Dominic Cooper                 Sky

  • Pierce Brosnan                  Sam

  • Stellan Skarsgård              Bill

  • Christine Baranski             Tanya

  • Colin Firth                          Harry

  • Cher                                    Ruby

  • Julie Walters                      Rosie

  • Jeremy Irvine                     Young Sam

  • Andy Garcia                       Fernando

  • Josh Dylan                         Young Bill

  • Hugh Skinner                     Young Harry

  • Celia Imrie                          Vice Chancellor



Directed by                         Ol Parker

Produced by                       Judy Craymer, Gary Goetzman

Cinematography                 Robert Yeoman

Edited by                              Peter Lambert

Production company          Playtone; Littlestar Productions; Legendary Entertainment

Distributed by                     Universal Pictures


In cinema’s July 19th


The following ABBA songs are in the film’s soundtrack – Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (OST) by Cast of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

  1. "When I Kissed the Teacher" from Arrival (1976)

  2. "I Wonder (Departure)" from ABBA: The Album (1977)

  3. "One of Us" from The Visitors (1981)

  4. "Waterloo" from Waterloo (1974)

  5. "Why Did It Have to Be Me?" from Arrival (1976)

  6. "I Have a Dream" from Voulez-Vous (1979)

  7. "Kisses of Fire" from Voulez-Vous (1979)

  8. "Andante, Andante" from Super Trouper (1980)

  9. "The Name of the Game" from ABBA: The Album (1977)

  10. "Knowing Me, Knowing You" from Arrival (1976)

  11. "Angeleyes" from Voulez-Vous (1979)

  12. "Mamma Mia" from ABBA (1975)

  13. "Dancing Queen" from Arrival (1976)

  14. "I’ve Been Waiting For You" from ABBA (1975)

  15. "Fernando" - non-album single (1976)

  16. "My Love, My Life" from Arrival (1976)

  17. "Super Trouper" from Super Trouper (1980)

  18. "The Day Before You Came" - non-album single (1982)

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again - Trailer