Sync Spotlight: 'Love Goes On' by Ilse DeLange featured in Nashville series

Sync Spotlight: 'Love Goes On' by Ilse DeLange featured in Nashville series

SYNC SPOTLIGHT: ‘LOVE GOES ON’ (Written by Ilse De Lange) is featured in Nashville and aires Thursday June 14th 2018 t on CMT.

Nashville is an American drama Series on CMT.

Rayna James has had a successful country-music career, but lately, her popularity has started to fade. Her record label believes the solution is to have her open for up-and-comer Juliette Barnes on tour, but Juliette is a schemer and wants nothing more than to steal Rayna's spotlight. Rayna thinks her real chance is in another young woman, undiscovered songwriter Scarlett O'Connor. While Rayna struggles with her career, her father is busy messing with her private life, encouraging her husband to run for election to be mayor of Nashville - against her wishes.

Singer-songwriter Ilse DeLange has been cast in a recurring role on CMT’s Nashville — as a singing competition judge.

DeLange, who started her music career with the 1998 album World of Hurt, will make her acting debut as “Ilse,” a judge on Nashville‘s singing show within the show. Like the actress, “Ilse” is a big star in her native country The Netherlands. She’ll become an ally and friend of Daphne (Maisy Stella) Conrad, the youngest daughter of Rayna James.

Its the final season of the series which premiered January 2019 on CMT. The 16-episode season will air in two parts, Ilse will appear in 6 episodes.


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