Film Brugklas

Film Brugklas

Dutch Premiere: Brugklas, 'De Tijd Van M'n Leven'

On February 6th 2019 The Film ‘Brugklas, 'De Tijd Van M'n Leven' premiered in Atlas Theater, Emmen.

The film is an independent story based on the television series Brugklas, which airs on national Dutch TV.

The film is mainly carried by the actors who also play in the series, and are all well known among children / teenagers throughout the series.

Brugklas, 'De Tijd Van M'n Leven', is about Nola (Sterre van Woudenberg), who is the laugh of the school when a video is distributed at school showing that she is dumped by her boyfriend Jesse (Vincent Visser). Because of her sadness and jealousy she gets into even more trouble: she is no longer allowed to go to camp in Drenthe. The popular Fenna (Stefania Liberakakis) makes grateful use of this, because she wants to take over the handsome Jesse. When Nola is at the end of her mind and wants to prevent this, she gets help from an unexpected angle. Boy (Julian Moon), a rebellious boy out of the second, comes to the rescue. Together they go out to stop Fenna and win back Jesse... But is this still what Nola wants?

Check out the trailer of the film here

Director: Raymond Grimbergen
Genre: youth, scripted reality
Language: Dutch

The titelsong of the film is called “Mijn Girl” (prod. by Leon Palmen) sung by Paul Sinha (co written by P. Sinha).

Tekst: Paul Sinha / Leon Paul Palmen
Compositie: Paul Sinha / Leon Paul Palmen
Productie: Palm Trees
Mix: Leon Paul Palmen
Master: Leon Paul Palmen
Publishing: TN Publishing / Universal Music Publishing B.V. / Houston Comma


Paul Sinha - Mijn Girl (prod. Palm Trees) [Titelsong Brugklas: de tijd van m'n leven]