De Fabeltjeskrant

De Fabeltjeskrant

Dutch Premiere: De Fabeltjeskrant

On December 16th The Film ‘De Fabeltjeskrant: de Grote Dierenbos-spelen' premiered in Pathe Tuchinki, Amsterdam.

Our favorite animals will appear like Juffrouw Ooievaar, Bor de Wolf, Zoef de Haas, Ed & Willem Bever and Gerrit de Postduif.

Who did not grow up with the stories of the Fabeltjeskrant? The Fabeltjeskrant was a daily recurring short broadcast just before children's bedtime on Dutch television about the daily events in the Grote Dierenbos in Fabeltjesland (1968-1992).  The news was read out by Meneer de Uil.

Now the Fabeltjeskrant is back as a movie, and that was celebrated on Sunday during the premiere of De Fabeltjeskrant & De Grote Dierenbosspelen. The film also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the series, which was first shown on September 28th, 1968.

Among others Loes Luca, Georgina Verbaan, Richard Groenendijk, Vinchenzo and Armin van Buuren did the voices for the animation film. The original voice of Juffrouw Ooievaar, who was spoken by the now 80-year-old Els Scherjon, can also be heard. Rubinstein Media, The Levita Productions and animation studio Grid have worked for a total of four years on digitizing the dolls from the original series.


In the Grote Dierenbos there is plenty to do. The picnic of Juffrouw Ooievaar threatens to fall into the water when Bor de Wolf has not received an invitation and the other animals get lost. In addition, a special new guest arrives in Fabeltjesland: Peter Panda from China. He is the nephew of Droes de Beer and on a world trip. Juffrouw Ooievaar doesn't like it, an animal from a foreign country. But the newcomer comes in handy as a referee at the annual Great Animal Forest Games. In the exciting competition Team Zwart and Team Wit compete against each other. Which team will win?

The song 'This is What It Feels Like' (co written by J. Ewbank) is featured in the episode of the Dierenbos -Spelen. None other than the artist of the song Armin van Buuren speaks the voice of the new character DJ Wally.

In cinemas December 19th, 2019


 Rubinstein Media B.V. & De Levita Productions B.V. 

De Fabeltjeskrant: de Grote Dierenbos-spelen | 19 december in de bioscoop