Film Sing Song

Film Sing Song

Sync Spotlight: 'Parijs' performed by Kenny B, written by Kenneth Bron, (Joost Jellema), (Memru Renjaan) in Dutch film Sing Song.

When the 16-year-old Jasmine gets a chance to participate in a song contest in Suriname, she seizes it with both hands.

Not only to sing but especially to find out more about her mother, whom she has not seen since she left Suriname with her father as a toddler. Because her father wants nothing to do with Suriname anymore, she secretly goes to her exotic homeland together with guitarist Stijn (17). His goal to make music and win the competition. She too, but also to find her mother, but no one knows that.

Once arrived there will be unpleasant surprises. With the search for her mother she works herself into trouble. This not only involves her participation in the song contest but also her friendship with Stijn. Everything seems to be lost until it is ravaged by a discovery that puts everything on its head.

She decides to follow the track that her deeply travels into Suriname and hopes to find where she has longed for so long.

Music used by Universal Music Publishing:  'Parijs' performed by Kenny B, written by Kenneth Bron, (Joost Jellema), (Memru Renjaan)

Producer: Submarine Film (Sabine Veenendaal en Jeroen Beker) in co-productie with VPRO. script written by Fiona van Heemstra, with contribution by Guus Pengel. 
Distributer: In The Air. The film was established with financial support from the Dutch Film Fund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, CoBO and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund.
Regie: Mischa Kamp
Cast: Georgiefa Boomdijk, Maurits Delchot, Floris Bosma, Tyra Koning, Liesbeth Peroti, Glen Faria and Kenny B 

In Dutch cinemas: July 19th, 2017

Sing Song - Trailer