Sync Spotlight Film Huisvrouwen Bestaan Niet

Sync Spotlight Film Huisvrouwen Bestaan Niet

Film Huisvrouwen Bestaan Niet

Sync Spotlight: ‘Hold On I’m Coming’, (written by Hayes & Porter), ‘Non Stop’ (co-written by Fernhout & Van Gonter), ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’, (written by Renis & Testa), ‘She’s On Fire’, (co-written by Olsson & Wetterberg) & ‘Veel Osso’, (co-written by Akachar, Dams, Livramento & Silberie), are featured in the new Dutch feel-good comedy ‘Huisvrouwen Bestaan Niet’.

In the comedy ‘Huisvrouwen Bestaan Niet’, two sisters and their mother are forced to put aside their differences and think about their life and household. Gijsje is a young, ambitious controlefreak who wants nothing more than to become pregnant and make a career at the advertising agency where she works. Her older sister Marjolein is married, has three children and has lost her job as a journalist. Her new ambition: to become a schoolyard mother. Their bohemian mother Loes has gotten into trouble with too many mortgages on the beautiful family house where she lives. Gijsje and Marjolein can’t stand the thought of losing their old family home and are looking for ways to preserve it. The only thing that can get them out of financial trouble is the bonus Gijsje can earn at work by coming up with the brilliant idea for a commercial. For this, she, and her attractive colleague Dominique, will have to study ’the modern housewife', a task that brings about more in the three ladies than they had ever thought.

Music used by Universal Music Publishing: ‘Hold On I’m Coming’, written by Hayes & Porter | ‘Non Stop’ written by Fernhout, Van Gonter, (Hughes & Mulder) | ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’, written by Renis & Testa | ‘She’s On Fire’, written by Olsson, Wetterberg & Titulaer | ‘Veel Osso’, written by Akachar, Dams, Livramento, Silberie (& Bedinha).
Producer: Michiel Bartels (line producer), Rick Engelkes (producer), Frank Groenveld (producer), Denis Wigman (producer), Sytze van der Laan (creative producer), Marijn Wigman (co-producer)
Writers: Richard Kemper
Distributer: Independent Films
Director: Aniëlle Webster
Cast: Eva van de Wijdeven, Jelka van Houten, Loes Luca, Jim Bakkum, Waldemar Torenstra
In Dutch cinemas: From December 21st, 2017

Trailer: ‘Hold On I’m Coming’ performed by Guy Sebastian

Huisvrouwen Bestaan Niet - Trailer