Sync Spotlight Film Gek Van Geluk

Sync Spotlight Film Gek Van Geluk

Film Gek Van Geluk 

Sync Spotlight: ‘Let It Go’, (co-written by Barry), & ‘Tweede Kans’ (co-written by Ewbank) , are featured in the new Dutch feel-good comedy Gek van Geluk.

Single mother Lena writes love songs, but due to a lack of romance there is little left in her pen. Singer and best friend Valerie comes up with a solution: she hires an unemployed actor to bring Lena's head and heart to life for inspiration. Lena falls like a block for the attractive Hugo and the plan seems to succeed. Until Lena is so head over heels in love that a new hit-single is the last thing on her mind. In a desperate attempt to get Lena to write, Valerie puts their years of friendship at risk.

Music used by Universal Music Publishing: ‘Let It Go’, written by Paul Michael Barry, (James Michael Bay) | ‘Tweede Kans’, written by John Ewbank, (Gordon Groothedde)
Producer: Robert Labruyère (line producer), Ingmar Menning (producer)

Writers: Jacqueline Epskamp
Distributer: Entertainement One Benelux
Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Cast: Plien van Bennekom, Carly Wijs, Matteo van der Grijn
In Dutch cinemas: From December 7th, 2017