Sync Spotlight 'De Zevende Hemel'

Sync Spotlight 'De Zevende Hemel'

SYNC Spotlight - Many well known Dutch songs appear in the new movie 'De Zevende Hemel'. 

In 'De Zevende Hemel' we meet Maria Rossi, who along with her husband Max runs the Italian family restaurant 'De Zevende Hemel'. They want to celebrate their 35-year anniversary with the whole family.  When they find out that everyone in the family has their own problems, with old family hassles and tensions this wish of celebrating the anniversary is not that easy to fulfill. In this tribute to love and family, Dutch songs like ‘Zeg me dat het niet zo is’ by Frank Boeijen play an important role in the storyline. Their family bond is being tested in this beautiful and heartbreaking story. Will they eventually be brought closer together? 

Find out in your nearest cinema!

Music used by Universal Music Publishing:  Altijd Wel Iemand’  by Gordon H.G. Groothedde, (Joost Marsman), (Sander Rozeboom), ‘Omarm’ by Norman Bonink, Paskal Jakobsen, Bas Jan Bas Kennis, Peter Slager, ‘ Zeg Me Dat Het Niet Zo Is’ by Franciscus J. M. Frank Boeijen, ‘ Zevende Hemel’  by Nico Arzbach, Huub Van Der Lubbe, ‘ Jij Bent De Liefde’ by Kenneth Bron, (Joost Jellema), (Memru Renjaan), ‘Mijn Hart kan Dat Niet Aan’ by L. K. Van De Ketterij, Huub Van Der Lubbe, ‘Is Dit alles’  by Henny Vrienten. The songs are also available as a digital original soundtrack.

Film cast: 
Henriëtte Tol, Huub Stapel, Jan Kooijman, Thomas Acda, Halina Reijn, Noortje Herlaar, Tjitske Reidinga, Ruben van der Meer, Huub van der Lubbe, Roel Dirven, Daniel Cornelissen, Roosmarijn Luyten
Regie: Job Gosschalk
A production byEntertainment One Benelux and KaapHolland

De Zevende Hemel | Officiële Trailer NL