Sync Spotlight - Film Adios Amigos

Sync Spotlight - Film Adios Amigos

SYNC Spotlight - #CaPlanePourMoi by The Presidents of the USA and #GetSpanish by De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig are featured in the Dutch Movie 'Adios Amigos'.

The three twenty year olds Lars (Martijn Lake Meier), Philip (Yannick van de Velde) and Joost (Bas Hoeflaak) encounter each other weekly at the pool, where they watch the girls in bikinis. The only problem: Philip can not move because of a muscle disease, Lars has a brain tumor and Joost is blind. Driven by lust the plan creates to go to Salou. Because there all girls are willing, Lars knows. But when his condition deteriorates rapidly, their parents sweeping the plan of the table. So they go away secretly with the grumpy caretaker Lub (Margot Ros). Torn from their familiar surroundings, they are, however, hard to face their dependence. And it appears that they are not been able to conceal their deepest fears by slapsticks. The travel seems to be less about sex and more about friendship.

Regie: Albert Jan van Rees
Scenario: Anne Barnhoorn
Nederlandse producent: BosBros B.V. 

Trailer Adios Amigos